There are a range of questions to be addressed for drug development projects.
  • According to which criteria projects are likely to be successful?
  • How can time to market be optimised?
  • How can drug development be organised effectively?
  • How can wasted expenditure on projects be avoided?
Good strategies can be found by understanding the inherent risks in development projects, when these risks are encountered, and how sensible risk-management strategies can be implemented.
I have gained strong capabilities in project management holding leading positions which involved close interaction with external CMO’s and CRO’s, internal multi-disciplinary drug development team members and management.
My key services in project management include:
  • Compilation of project plan (specify strategic project goals and operational deliverables, define project risks and mitigation approachs)
  • Monitoring of pharmaceutical development within the drug development project and integrate the deliverables of the CMC development plan with the objectives of the drug development program
  • Ensure that project milestones will be reached in time within defined specification and budget
  • Primary technical and project point of contact for supplier and internal organisation
  • Set and improve project quality standards in relation to technical and pharmaceutical requirements
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